This is the page specifically devoted to the systems of divination that are invoked in the various character profiles, and how, and if, they fit the characters in question.

Blood Type

The following summaries are paraphrases from the ABO Fan Homepage. That page gets a bit into the philosophy that can be made of blood types and what they mean in terms of gender and desire; it’s interesting reading, if rather messy grammatically. My own initial guesses for the Stars characters are the ones in parentheses with the question mark after. The confirmed cannon answer (courtesy of Rachel Brewster as of 9/02) is given after that.


Usagi, Chibiusa, Makoto and Michiru (Kakyuu?)

Strongly motivated, goal-oriented, can take chances and often show good judgment in doing so. Conscious of power relationships. Dislike to be subordinate; assertive and individualistic. Honest and direct. Expressive, romantic and socially oriented, but tend to be cautious around people outside of their circle.

All of them have motivation, of course. Good judgment may not be one of Usagi’s strengths, but she can certainly take chances! Michiru is probably less direct than the others, but she is the Outer who’s inclined to tell the Inners what’s really going on in Season Three. None of them but Michiru, however, strike me as especially cautious with outsiders. I think the issue of social orientation is the one Takeuchi and Co. probably had most in mind. Note that all the primary leaders fall into this category.


Mamoru, Ami and Setsuna (Taiki?) Seiya.

Considerate. Prefer peaceful human relations because they are highly sensitive to emotional upsets. Slow to trust people for the same reason. Observe social rules and customs strictly and consider it important to retain the status quo. Restrained and conventional, anxious to maintain personal security. Comparatively low motivation, but persistent; will endure. Tend to perfectionism. Despite inclination to pessimism will seek out causes, and desire personal transformation.

I think this is the category that most thoroughly fits the characters who were placed in it. Considerate, perfectionist and pessimistic fit all of these. Conventional, too, now I think about it. These are the quiet characters who play supporting roles. The exception is Seiya, and s/he does play a supporting role for hir Princess so that still more or less works out.


Minako and Haruka (Seiya?) Taiki.

Dislike restrictions and want their own way. Unconventional in thought and action. Tend not to abide by conventional categories. Not conscious of circumstances or limitations; don’t care about social rules and customs. Less socially or domestically inclined, more individualistic. Will judge based on their own standards of right and wrong, and act rapidly on that judgment. Optimistic in outlook but pragmatic in application. Not as direct as type O, but fairly straightforward. Interests cover a wide range, perhaps because of this they tend not to be ambitious.

This is the category of the secondary leaders. And they certainly do all want their own ways. I would say that Minako fits in less well as time goes on; she seems to lose a lot of the capacity to judge and act decisively while still being quite willing to break the rules. I would say she’s one of the characters who, while starting pretty close to the manga version, diverged the farthest. Haruka (and Seiya), on the other hand, is a pretty classic B and stays that way. Taiki, I feel, was a bit of a miscast here, but if Seiya was already slated to be A, I can understand why Taiki wound up B.


Rei and Hotaru (Yaten?) Yaten.

Rational, analytical, critical; can look at a problem from many angles. Like to have a specific role to participate in and contribute to society, despite usually feeling rather distant from it. Will incline to the mystic and transcendent. Very emotional, even passionate, but tend to suppress it publicly. Nevertheless despise hypocrisy. Get intensely involved in projects, but tend not to sustain that intensity. Enjoy harmony and are usually good at acting to maintain it.

Certainly, all of these characters appear rather distant from the social world. I would say that Rei (and Yaten) is more critical while Hotaru expresses more of the rational. Ironically, both of them are also strongly associated with mysticism, as per spec. I don’t think any of them but Hotaru are any good at maintaining harmony, though.



This one is complicated by the fact that we don’t have most of the information necessary to actually apply proper astrology to these characters. For one thing, we don’t know what year they are supposed to have been born, nor what time, which is equally vital. I find this mildly irritating Of course, it looks as though the main use Takeuchi had for astrology was to make the senshi’s birth dates/sun signs line up with their super identities. But there are all sorts of other fascinating symbolism available in your basic natal chart, involving what planets are square or trine with what and so forth which I can’t help wishing she had made use of. And here I can’t even calculate the ascendant sign for anyone, which is one of the most significant aspects of one’s full horoscope (albeit a whole lot more individualized than the sun sign, since it depends on the exact time of birth). *sigh*

But OK, fine, we’ll just get along with the (very incomplete) indicators available through sun signs.

First, a quick run-down on what all this is all about. This information is drawn from Astrodeinst and Astrology.com, both good sources if you want more in-depth info. The system of astrology we have now is an amalgam of several different cultures’ development over several centuries. The beginning was pretty simple and looked at what planets a person was born under, each being assumed to have a different influence. Next came the constellations, and then we had the combined influence of the planets and the constellations they were in. I believe it was the Persians who added the elemental symbol set, mapped onto the constellations; this allowed for each of the four elements (water, fire, earth, air) to be expressed in each of the three states of being (cardinal, fixed, mutable). In very-shorthand, we might read these as follows: water=strong emotion, fire=spontaneity/energy, earth=stability/groundedness, air=animation/energy; cardinal=initiative, fixed=preservation/continuation, mutable=change. So, for instance, fixed fire results in someone who wants to preserve things as they are (fixed) and expresses this drive with great energy and spontaneity (fire). Eventually it all got put together in one system which is at least generally consistent. Certain planets are thought to influence certain aspects of a personality (the Sun influences one’s will and individuality, the Moon one’s emotions, Venus one’s love life, etc.) so that that aspect will take on the characteristics of the constellation, or sign, which the planet in question appeared in at the time of one’s birth. And then, of course, these signs all influence each other in a given chart.

The fun part, here, is that Takeuchi gave each character a sun sign ruled by their own planet (eg, the Moon rules Cancer). Lining up each senshi’s elemental specialty with the element associated with their sign is more problematic, but there are traces of that too. Below I offer a quick note on how the symbols line up (according to Astrodeinst) and then what Astrodeinst has to say about how that particular sun sign manifests. The italicized text is directly from their web site, though I edited out the moon sign information since I can’t be sure it’s accurate. For longer accounts of these sun signs, check out Astrology.com.


Usagi and Chibiusa

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which is associated with emotion and imagination, adaptability and versatility. Elementally, Cancer is cardinal water: initiative combined with strong emotion. Emotive, stubborn, seeks safety and familial closeness.

Sun in Cancer. Internally, you have a receptive, and imaginative disposition. Your whole life is, in one way or another, connected with family interests and domestic ties. You are very impressionable. Cancer makes its people economical and very tenacious, but not violently so. To others you appear quite persistent and determined. You do not reject sociability, and your good disposition makes for friendship. You like to work on simple problems and dislike subtleties of an intellectual-philosophical nature.



Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which is associated with reason and rationality, learning and order. Elementally, Virgo is mutable earth: change combined with stability. Precise, utilitarian, will accomplish what is perceived as necessary.

You were born with the Sun in Virgo. You are rather intellectual, and you reflect a practical, utilitarian mind with planning and organizing abilities. As a Virgoan, you are very subordinate and a servant of others. You pay constant attention to detail, and this makes you a very careful worker, especially in tasks requiring observation and exactitude. Through education and adaptation to environmental surroundings, your personality will become quick-witted, intelligent, and very versatile. You are one of those persons who can do any type of work that requires plenty of movement. In love matters you are rather cool but very expressive. You must try to overcome your hesitancy and lack of continuity, dependability, and perseverance. Try not to be so critical of others.



Aries is ruled by Mars, which is associated with motivation and spontaneity, courage and aggression. Elementally, Aries is cardinal fire: initiative combined with spontaneity. Willful, impulsive, courageous and energetic.

You were born with the Sun in Aries. You are a person of charm, originality, and spontaneity. You are fascinated by eccentric and unorthodox subjects. You make friends easily and willingly embrace ideas that appear progressive. You are a humanist by nature and you seem to have an old-world gift for prophecy and the miraculous. A positive and clear-thinking person, you matter-of-factly assume command of any enterprise. Your powers of persuasion defy opposition. Your individuality comes under the influence of the Sun in Aries, which will eventually put you in a position of authority. However, you should avoid attempting to force your views on other people for their own good. The key to a better integration of yourself lies in realizing that attempts to improve the environment always generate the opposite effect.

Note that the element here is fire, a match for Rei’s element attacks. I find it interesting how well sun in Aries matches with the profile for a type AB.



Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which is associated with a search for individual meaning and spiritual growth–also optimism and faith. Elementally, Sagittarius is mutable fire: change combined with spontaneity. Carefree, cheerful and loves to be in motion.

You have a gift for perceiving complex ideas as one concept, for reducing multiple problems to one workable unity. You exude power and energy and are warmed by the attention and admiration of others. Your affections are boundless, and your heart can go out to many without diffusing your emotions. You are magnanimous and loyal. In whatever area you rest your interest, you will assume a position of leadership. You have a love of luxury and pleasures, leaning at times to self-indulgence. The key to a more harmonious self lies in subduing your imagination and allowing more practical tendencies to flow through your personality.

We could say that mutable fire matches with lightning, two out of Makoto’s three attacks.



Libra is ruled by Venus, associated with aesthetic awareness, a love of beauty, harmony and sociability–also eroticism. Elementally, Libra is cardinal air: initiative combined with animation. Sense of beauty, balance and harmony, sometimes an inability to choose.

In defending your ideas you display all the strength of a zealot. You are by nature straightforward and don’t profess to be more than you are. Your genuine concern for people inclines you toward social work. It is difficult for you to restrain yourself, and your better judgment is often hidden beneath the flash of some new and not-too-wise inspiration. But you are a harmonious individual – that is, no serious conflict exists between idea and action, between what you appear to be and what you are.

Air, another element match if we’re reading the Inners on the Western four-element system. Note how much this has in common with the profile for Aquarius (Haruka’s sun sign) and how well both match with the profile of a type B.


Mamoru and Seiya

Leo is ruled by the sun, and is associated with assertiveness; a very dominant sign. Elementally, Leo is fixed fire: preservation combined with spontaneity. Organization, glamour, generosity and a tendency to claim/like center stage.

You were born with the Sun in Leo. The key words to your psychological makeup are synthesis, fidelity, and ambition. Others view you as cautious, responsible, practical, ambitious, and hard-working. You are made to be cautious in love, although internally you would like to act more spontaneously and passionately. Another key word to your being is possessiveness, especially in the psychological sense. You are at your best in any circle in which your natural urges can be reasonably expressed. Therefore you are better suited to lead than to serve.



Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, which is associated with power and how one deals with it, and cycles of change and rebirth. Elementally, Scorpio is fixed water: preservation combined with strong emotion. Passionate, extreme and sometimes defensive or quarrelsome.

Your strongest conscious aim is to secure power and control. You are outspoken and at times argumentative, sarcastic, and indiscreet. Your feelings are intense and passionate; under benign conditions, you are affectionate and sympathetic. Much about you is deep. You store away your emotions, hide your resentments, bury away knowledge. Your individuality demands intense and complex relationships. The key to a more harmonious self lies in exerting the self-control of your individuality, under the influence of the Sun sign, Scorpio. You will find comfort and respite in mysticism, often in religion.

I must say, this is one of the less well-fitting signs. Setsuna seems to have missed out on her birthright of quarrelsomeness.


Haruka and Yaten

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, associated with intuition and inspiration, a taste for the unknown or unusual and a certain contrariness or stubbornness. Elementally, Aquarius is fixed air: preservation combined with animation. Humanitarian, progressive and sometimes obstinate.

This astrological combination indicates refinement of character and a generally altruistic attitude toward humanity. Your thinking tends to be positive. You remain self-reliant and optimistic, even under trying circumstances. Your ideas are progressive, and because you present them so well, they are rarely offensive to anyone, even though unconventional. You are well suited for a public career because of your genuine concern, originality, and capacity to work with people. Individual love is to you an extension of your universal love of mankind. You display an even temper and preserve your equanimity most of the time. However, your feelings, although sincere, keep you somewhat detached from your love partner. The key to a more harmonious existence lies in playing up the humane, progressive, and sociable aspects of your personality, while lessening the detached and inscrutable conduct that is the paradox of your nature.

Air again, this time to match the mythology of Uranus. But what was that about an even temper? I suspect the blood types were intended to match better with personalities than the sun signs. Contrariness, though, that fits.



Pisces is ruled by Neptune, associated with the mystical and transcendental, as well as illusion and deception. Elementally, Pisces is mutable water: change combined with strong emotion. Sensitive, compassionate, adaptable and very elusive.

Much about you is fluid and receptive. Your emotional nature is highly developed, and your sympathies extend to the universe at large. However, you are most at peace with yourself in your own home, where your sensitivity of heart and mind are best expressed. There is always a danger in your life of withdrawing into a life of introspection and suspended activity. One who is as receptive as you should choose your environment carefully and with discrimination. You must always be aware of the dangers in being too receptive to the thoughts and feelings of others. You may meet with psychic experiences, as you can transcend the confines of self and take on the form of another.

And water to match the mythology of Neptune.



Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is associated with the individual experience of reality, with conscience and one’s ethical code, with endurance and concentration, caution and reserve. Elementally, Capricorn is cardinal earth: initiative combined with stability. Enduring, proud and purposeful.

You have a firm nature and a high degree of self-control. You are possessed with a desire to elevate and improve others, but your views remain conservative. You are apt to find success in acquiring and accumulating possessions, legacies, and worldly property. Your essential nature is strong and harmonious. Moreover, there are indications that you have the wisdom to use your wealth for good ends. Your character is loyal and patient, and your feelings are well directed and expressed. Since your most conscious life aim is to achieve integrity, you are most scrupulous and cautious in your actions.

Perhaps the tendency to accumulate possessions is why we always see Hotaru-as-Messiah-of-Silence surrounded by mounds of toys?

The signs we are missing so far are Gemini (ruled by Mercury, mutable air, intellectual and mobile) and Taurus (ruled by Venus, fixed earth, sensual, steadfast, slow but explosive temper). Gemini works well enough for Taiki. I wonder if Kakyuu would work as a Taurus?

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